We’ve identified six components that we feel are critical to administering a retirement plan successfully.

Like a general contractor coordinating all of the steps of construction, we’re dedicated to putting these pieces together in a meaningful way. We will work with your investment team to help you meet your employees’ needs from beginning to end. 

The first step in designing or evaluating a plan is assessing who will benefit from it. Our experience allows us to structure and evaluate plans to provide long-term satisfaction. We are also able to help guide plan development to meet IRS non-discrimination and other regulatory mandates, enabling you to focus on running your business instead of a long and changing list of regulations. Our wide and current breadth of knowledge allows us to help reconcile the needs and wants of employees with your legal requirements. 

The ongoing processes involved with plan administration are numerous and complex. From payroll integration to loans and withdrawals, there are many opportunities for plan requirements to become an administrative burden. We will guide the discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of permitting specific plan options, such as participant loans, hardship withdrawals, automatic enrollment, and self-directed brokerage account options. We can make these processes more efficient by helping you select the best options and best partners to reduce the operational burden for your staff.

Many of our current clients came to us for our extensive experience in managing compliance. It is a source of pride that we are able to solve and prevent problems in what is often a confusing and high-stakes component of plan administration. We will guide you through IRS non-discrimination tests, Form 5500, and Department of Labor reporting, helping you eliminate the opportunity for error. Our experience representing clients in DOL and IRS audits enables us to help you establish good operational practices.

Our knowledge of the capabilities of various recordkeeping systems provides crucial details when selecting the right recordkeeper. We can highlight differences in offerings and answer questions about how statements are delivered, how plan-level reporting is done, how the Internet provides account access, and other key recordkeeping components.  We can assist your financial advisor in selecting the provider that meets the needs of your employees and HR staff.

We will provide assistance to your financial advisor in the selection of the different types of investments that are appropriate for your participants.   We are also available to attend meetings when the discussion shifts to adding or replacing fund options in your plan. 

We believe that supporting plan participants is a critical part of investment services. We can assist you in designing effective communications to enhance your employees’ awareness of plan benefits.  We can also work with your financial advisor to make sure your employees receive useful and helpful communications.